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Which Are the Most Popular Slot Machines in New Zealand

Which Are the Most Popular Slot Machines in New Zealand

If you want to feel the thrilling experience in playing casino games, then try the slot machines. In New Zealand, they fancy slot machines that earn players’ revenues. If you are wondering which these machines are, this article is resourceful for you.

Also, the graphics, soundtracks, lights, and gameplay completes an intriguing slot’s playtime experience. IGaming, IGT, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and others are developing these games. The software of these games contains lucrative bonuses and odds.

Wheel of Fortunes

The wheel of fortunes machines is conspicuous even at far. That is due to their enormous, colorful, and glowing reeling wheels. The game features symbols with specific odds, paylines, and three-reel machines. However, the game has advanced to five-reel platforms.

How does one play the wheel of fortunes?

Typically, the game is three-reeled, but others feature the five-reeled and more. The game requires you to earn spins that match the symbols you had staked. The range of the wheels points is around twenty to thousand credits. For a three-spin game, mostly, the winning spin symbol appears at your third spin.

For the advanced five-reel symbols, the winning combination is fantastic. It also warrants you to play a bonus game.

How can you play a bonus?

To get a bonus, you need to get a minimum of three-reel symbols. The process starts by selecting a minimum of three envelopes. Each envelope has a chance of results in the three reels. Therefore, the two envelops amounts to win while the other has a multiplier. The multiplier points are activated if you stake more than three reels. That option gives you chances to win big prizes or claim the jackpot.


This game is also a booming IGT game alongside the wheel of fortunes. Its themes revolve around Egyptian civilization. Also, the starring of this game is a female known as Cleopatra. Cleopatra game has twenty paylines. The game contains impressive graphics, sounds, and visuals. Still, the starring Cleopatra’s voice entertains you while playing the game.

What are the bonuses and odds in Cleopatra?

1. Cleopatra symbols

Their symbols include the scarabs, sphinx, hieroglyphic eyes, Cleopatra, and lotus flowers. The most sought-after Cleopatra symbol can double your earnings. For example, five Cleopatra signs earn you ten-thousands of your bet. The flaming sphinx symbol still multiplies your points. Also, by winning much of the sphinx’s sign it opens the Cleopatra spot.

2. Cleopatra treasure

In this game, successive spins of the Cleopatra symbols give you the treasure. Or, a series of win run access you to a treasure reel. In the treasure spins, you are also given the three wheels. If you play those spins decisively, you attain a multiplier bonus.

This multiplier prize comes when you match colors on your win line. These colors of the treasure carry different odds. By choosing the resourceful gem’s color and spinning high-odds symbols, your chances of winning a jackpot is high.

3. Free spins

The free spins are awarded as a welcome incentive to newbies. Also, those players with successive win line, they get these offers. The wins in free spins counts in your account balance.

Double Diamond

IGT develops this machine. It is also a treasure game that hit the headlines in 1989. The game is entertaining with quality graphics, LED lights, and gameplay. Also, the seven-bar and the diamond mark makes it a thrilling playing experience. Double Diamond is also simple to play due to its fair gameplay.

This slot machine is a three-reel game with a single payment platform. The betting limit in this game is three coins. The coins culminate in more prizes, where the maximum award can record 2500 points. The casino symbols include ‘BAR,’ no 7, Double Diamond logo, cherries, Triple or double BAR, and ‘ANY BAR mark.

The Double Diamond symbol carries the most incredible odds. A payout of 2500 coins comes if you stake three pay lines. Any symbols’ combination you wage they still pay. However, your winning will depend on the symbols’ odds. The game also accepts various denominations of your money.

How much can you win from Double Diamond?

You can use USD, GBP, CAD, EURO, or NZD to wage your bet. The winning margin is based on the symbols.

• The wild symbol

A single double diamond symbol (wild) wins 2x your wagering amount. A double diamond mark rates at 4x.However, you can hit the jackpot when three double diamond symbols match with your regular bet.

• Any-Bar symbol

Any matched bar symbols offer a winning outcome

• Cherry wins

Any bet containing the cherry symbol can win. A win with a single cherry symbol is a one cherry winning; likewise, in two cherry symbols, you become a two cherry winner.


Still, it is an IGT game and is renowned for its big jackpot. The jackpot rates at a whooping six-figure dollars. One record winner won a jackpot of $39.7 million. Moreover, the game possesses three-reels and a single pay line. It features multiple symbols like 7S, cherries, and bars. Each of these symbols has its odds.

Reasons why this game is simple and famous

• The wagering bonus requirement is less.

• There are no complicated ways of attaining the bonuses.

• The symbols odds and winning margin is easy to follow.

• There is no underlying storyline to follow in playing the game.

The game requires one to match the three symbols, and their odds count on your wins. You can stake as low as three dollars to start the game. There are free spins for newcomers, which may count on your earnings. Typically, once a player spins the wheel, three symbols must match each other to win even a jackpot. But that is not as easy because a probability of twenty players in the USA wins the jackpot year.

Although megabucks do not have many bonuses, there are still offers. These offers include the free spins and no wagering requirement to get your bonuses. There are also welcome points and higher matching points.


Starburst is a NetEnt slot game that offers free spins and re-spin bonuses. The big prize is the jackpot that is earned by wild symbols. The name ‘starburst’ comes from its gameplay of bursting the stars to gain points and combos.

What to know about starburst slot

It has five reels, three rows, and ten pay lines. The probability of earning combos is high, where they are found both left and right. There is also the wild symbol that capitulates your winnings and generates free-spins and re-spins that counts on your earnings.

What are the essential button points in starburst?

• Levels

You can click the level button to move to a different level. Higher levels guarantee higher odds and probability to achieve the jackpot.

• Coin value

You can still press the button at the bottom of your screen to increase your coins. By this action, you can set the con value to a maximum bet. Still, your coin value is a determiner in graduating to a different stage.

• Spin and autoplay button

The green button in the machines initiates the spinning process. There is also the Autoplay key. The autoplay coordinates your coin value, level, and to reel the slots.

• Free spin button

The wild symbols initiate the free spin operation by unlocking covering the reel and unlocking the spins. They appear in reels of three, four, and five.

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