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The Best Casinos in New Zealand

The Best Casinos in New Zealand

If you are looking to play at the traditional brick and mortar, you need to check out our top list of casinos in New Zealand. Although online casinos are becoming popular, the urge to socialize sometimes wins, making us look for physical contacts to meet other players.

The New Zealand authorities control the number of registered casinos as a consumer protection strategy. Therefore, you can consider the few registered ones to be legit and walk into without fear. Our team visited the top land-based casinos, and this article reviews each of them.

Read on to find out why these casinos are top-rated.

Dunedin Casino

This casino opened its doors in 1999, and it has since remained popular with its unique architecture attracting many players. The casino is near the Dunedin International Airport, making it even popular for arriving visitors and those wanting to leave the country. Besides, it is strategically positioned, making it accessible to local players.

There are a massive 12 game tables at the Dunedin casino. The casino also boasts of having the latest electronic gaming machines giving players a unique experience. Some of the popular games to play at this casino include roulette and poker. You can also enjoy baccarat and blackjack that are on offer.

You will enjoy a lot of convenience features such as a bar and café at the location. Their meals and drinks are affordable, making it a great place to play. Besides, they have ample parking outside the facility. If you are looking to visit this casino soon, make sure you get neatly dressed as it is the culture there.

Again, make sure you carry your ID for verification purposes. The casino has a strict 20 and over the age limit for anyone visiting it.

Sky City Auckland Casino

It the center for entertainment and events in Auckland because of its popularity and monopoly in the city. This casino is in the heart of Auckland and is owned by the Sky City Entertainment Group. It is one of the government-recommended and licensed casinos in the country, and you should feel confident to play there.

As an offline player, you must have various favorite games to choose from every time you visit a casino. Sky City ensures you have enough casinos to choose from as it features a variety of table games such as roulette, 20-table baccarat, and much more. It also has several promotions for clients and a VIP experience for those interested.

Deciding where to drink and dine at sky city can be challenging as they have several restaurants and bars on location. There is also more than enough accommodation ranging from five-star hotel rooms and slightly more affordable options.

You need to dress sharply for this casino as there are lots of disallowed modes of dressing. You also have to be aged 20 years and above with your ID in hand to be let in.

Christchurch Casino

The oldest of New Zealand casinos is Christchurch Casino that is owned by Skyline enterprises, premier Hotels, and Sky City Entertainment Group. It first opened its doors in 1994, and it became the first licensed casino in the country. How does it remain on top?

The casino still wows its customers with a variety of games to play. It boasts of a massive 36 tables at the facility. There are also 500 slot machines spoiling its customer base for choice. For instance, you will find the money wheel, baccarat, and blackjack on the main gaming floor.

The entertainment goes a notch higher with a live band playing at the venue every weekend. Christchurch has two bars offering all sorts of drinks and three restaurants with unique cuisines. Like most casinos, you have to dress well to go into its gates. Besides, you have to prove that you are 20 years and above before accessing the facility.

SkyCity Hamilton

Sky City Entertainment Group has always been the player’s favorite, and here is another of its casinos located in Hamilton. This offline casino was fully opened to the public in 2002 after getting approval and licensing from the government. It has since been one of the most reputable casinos in New Zealand.

The casino provides 23 games to its fans and also boasts of 330 gaming machines. Therefore, you will not miss a favorite game to play at this venue. Some of the popular choices here include roulette, blackjack, and three-card poker.

Members get to enjoy amazing rewards and promotions at the casino. Besides, they can join the VIP program and access several things, including enjoying a VIP playing experience. You can have a taste of the fantastic cuisines offered by restaurants at the venue.

There is ample parking for up to 340 cars, but you will have to find accommodation at nearby hotels as there is none at the venue. A photo ID is necessary to prove you are above 20 years.

SkyCity Queenstown

Like many others, this is a Sky City Entertainment Group-owned casino that first opened to the public in 2000. It is a reputable and fully licensed casino in New Zealand. Therefore, it is secure to play here or participate in several festivals and events that happen at the venue.

It features several gaming machines and a variety of table games to play. If you are not sure about the playing rules, the casino’s website has lots of them, and you can go through them before leaving for it. You will find a lot of facilities once you arrive at the venue.

For instance, a casino restaurant offers different cuisines, and you will not miss your favorite meal or snack. Besides eating, you can enjoy drinks at the trendy bar within the casino. You can secure accommodation at any of the close hotels.

You can also avoid some embarrassment at the gate by carrying a photo Id to prove your age. You must be over 20 years to enter the venue.

Wharf Casino

Sky City Wharf is a licensed casino located along Beach street. Like its owners, the casino holds a good reputation as one of the reputable places to have fun and make real money. You can enjoy playing various table games and slot machines.

The Wharf casino caters to all tastes, and you will not miss a game to play at the venue. You will access a bar and a kitchen at the venue, ensuring that your drinks and meal needs get sorted. You can find lots of accommodation at nearby hotels as the casino does not have any at their facility.

Like other casinos in New Zealand, you cannot enter the Wharf without proving your age. The minimum age requirement is 20 years. The casino offers a more stylish environment, and that makes playing live games interesting than anywhere else.

Casinos have a lot of different things to offer. Every land-based casino in New Zealand has something unique that differentiates it from the rest. It could either be the type or number of games, gaming machines, or other facilities like bars and restaurants. The best way to find your perfect venue is by trying all the casinos on our list.

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