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Pokies and Slots

Pokies and Slots

The aspects revolving around pokies have always been quite strange to understand and analyse. But the main reason for the same stands to point towards false facts and misinterpretation. People are filled with such points that the real meaning has lost its importance. So as a move to bring back facts and other credible pieces of information, we have decided to step in. Pushing forward the meaning and the main aspects between Pokies and Slots with the hope to make a difference. Hence, here’s all that we promised.

A Pokie

In countries like Australia and New Zealand, a pokie generally means a slot machine. Yes, that’s right. So it is not a term used to describe a body part or clothing, instead it stands to represent a slot machine. As far as its origin is concerned, people have very less information about the same. Why exactly did Australians coin this term is a question that many don’t seem to understand. Some people believe that it came into prominence from poker machines. The ‘pok’ in the machine might have given off that particular signal and saying “Poker Machine” takes time. There is nothing to be surprised in this matter since most of the gambling games tend to have different slang.

Pokies and Slots

People who have gone in search of the difference between pokies and slots tend to have come back empty-handed. That is because there is no difference except for the term. Individuals in Australia and New Zealand call it Pokie and the rest of the world calls it slots. That being said, we can look into the aspects of pronunciation. The fun way of informing someone that you are going to gamble will be to say Pokie than slots. There is no doubt about the same since slots give it all away. Although the term “pokie’ wouldn’t have come into the picture without slots, the former sounds and feels better.

Different Slangs Around the World

As mentioned earlier, there are various other slangs for slot machines as you move across the world. It is not the Australians alone who have brought terms like this into existence. So to shed more light on such facts, here are some slang terms used to refer to gambling machines from all over the world.

  1. Fruit Machines – slots are often called “fruit machines” in England. Since the original icons were fruits, people began to use the terms to describe the game.


  1. Puggys – moving in and around casinos in Scotland will give you the idea that slot machines are called Puggys.


  1. One-Armed Bandits – this particular term is not specific to any country; instead, it relates to the olden times where people used to use the same.
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