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Top Ways Used by People to cheat at a Slot Machine.

Top Ways Used by People to cheat at a Slot Machine.

Cheaters have always been a part of the gambling industry by putting their mode of efforts into the matter. Casinos do not tolerate such forms of practices and take strict action against the same. But all that occurs, only if they find out what’s happening. In the past, there have been numerous events indicating different methods where cheaters have gotten away with things. The casinos couldn’t do much about the same, and these individuals managed to escape. So to gain more information about this venture, we have made a list of ways to cheat at a slot machine. We are moving ahead for the purpose of information, and we do not recommend you trying out the same at a casino.

1. Shaved Coins

Shaved coins were once considered to be an essential way to cheat at the casino. But due to technology, things have changed. Slot machines now use a light sensor, unlike the previous models. The optic sensor and physical comparator work separately, thus making matters hard. So when you slide such coins inside, they tend to get rejected.

2. Fake Coins

Famous con artist Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio was the man who used to give casinos a run for their money by using fake coins. This worked well for a few years until he was caught in 1998. After his release, he went to the same old ways of cheating and thus, was caught again.

3. Cheat Code

Cheating by using a cheat code was the famous trick of Ronald Dale Harris. He knew how to manipulate slot machines and went on to do the same thing for quite some time. Since he understood and analysed the source code, aspects became a lot clear for his victory. But ultimately the big scam was discovered after people became suspicious over the triumph of his partner who won $100,000 on a Keno game.

4. Yo-Yo

Yes, that’s right. There is a source of cheating called Yo-Yo, and it is quite simple. People used to attach a string to the coin and send it in to the machine until it starts the game. After that, the player brings the coin back using the same string. If you believe it to be effective, then you have no idea about how technology has changed things for the better.

5. Magnet

It was possible to cheat and win at the older slot machines by using a magnet. Individuals used to spin the reel and then use a strong magnet to stop spinning when the winning combination came into light. After that, they could remove the magnet and claim their payout. But this technique will crumble and fall when you use it for new slot machines.

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