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A Few Blackjack Myths to Avoid

A Few Blackjack Myths to Avoid

Casino games, especially those that involve cards, come with several rumours. And though, most of these rumours are baseless and do not have any solid grounds upon which they were laid, people still happen to believe in them and thus, end up making severe mistakes. However, if you want to make a profit out of playing these card games, it is important to bust these myths and rumours and start believing in what is right. Therefore, without further ado, we shall now discuss some of the most common myths that are usually afloat in one of the most popular card games, which is blackjack.

The Myth of ’10 in the Hole’:

One of the most common myths that we usually get to hear a lot about is the ’10 in the Hole.’ According to this myth, the dealer has a 10-card facing down, which is outright a baseless assumption. There are only 52 cards in a deck and the number of times that a 10-card shall appear is set. There cannot be any tampering with this statistic.

Card Counting is Often Deemed Illegal:

Here is another myth that needs to be debunked if you want to make some good profit out of the game of blackjack. Card counting, as many people believe, is considered to be illegal. Card counting is an excellent skill that can tweak your chances of winning tremendously and shave down the house edge. This is why casinos do not appreciate people who can count cards. But it is not illegal. Card counting is a skill that can turn the tables to your favour, so you might as well use it.

Copying the Dealer is believed to Yield Great Results:

Another common myth that one gets to hear a lot is that copying the dealer can yield favourable results. It is important to remember that no matter what you do and how well you imitate the dealer, he/she shall always have the edge over you because he/she is playing for the house. Therefore, do not waste time in imitating the dealer; instead use your own strategies to win.

The Myth of Avoiding Dealers on a Hot Streak:

Winning or losing a game is all related to the kind of luck you have with the cards. Do not fall for the myth that avoiding dealers on a hot streak shall enhance your chances of winning. Play your game authentically and fairly, and the rest is up to the kind of luck you have on your side.

The Myth that You Need Good Players to Help You Win:

There is absolutely no correlation between having good players at the table and you winning a fair hand at blackjack. Everyone has only their strategies and luck to fall to back on to win and lose a game. Other players have nothing to contribute to the same affair.


We have provided you with some of the most common blackjack myths that you must avoid believing in at all costs. These myths shall do nothing but slow down your game and can even lead to your loss. Therefore, be wise and play smart.

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