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Wellington has some of the most elusive gambling saloons which will allow you to wager a few bucks on your luck. With the help of Grand Wellington, you can access some of the best online casino games from the comfort of your home.


A game based on skill as well as luck to help give you a chance at winning a jackpot to reach you millionaire dream.


A game which will test your skills as well as the bring you a game of speed for a winner who likes to perform for a win.


The Grand Wellington is a place which will allow you to stay on top of your game as well as your opponents to build your skills.











We at The Grand Wellington want to provide you with some of the best games which can challenge you intellectually as well as relies on your luck for your winning numbers. We allow you to set goals and promote you to achieve your goals with the help of certain bonuses and rewards.

Dunedin Casino

A casino which will allow you some of the best live casino games allowing you the best chances at a win.

Christchurch Casino

A casino built to ensure that you have the best experience with some of the most elusive games and amazing jackpots.

Skycity Hamilton

A casino built to ensure that you have the best experience with some of the most elusive games and amazing jackpots.

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This is what some of our clients have to say about us.


Sally S. Spaulding

They have some of the best games which have allowed me to be the best in my gaming options.


Hermione Granger

They have the best games which have allowed people to stay on top of your gaming needs.


Andre V. Cannady

Enjoy some of the best games while ensuring that you have the best time with different variants of the same game.


Ginny Wesley

They have some of the best beginners bonus, which has helped me develop skills allowing a steady growth in my game.


With us can get access to some of the best games allowing you to have an entertaining time with games like slots, blackjack and baccarat.





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  • Top Casino Gambling Tips and Strategies

    Gambling tips and strategies are a few aspects that revolve around every individual’s head. People who eagerly want to play the game tend to go through a lot of tips in order to settle down with victory. But individuals do not end up getting all that they need. The main reason for the same relates to misinformed tips and strategies. When you follow them, you not only tend to lose money but also undervalue the purpose of the game. So to bring things back to normal, we have brought forward valuable tips and strategies that have been tried in the past. Since they came out with positive results, you can be glad about trying them.

    Understand the Game

    The most surprising aspect of every casino is the sight of clueless players who tend to make inappropriate bets. Their main goal is to earn money without putting much effort. If your goal sounds to be similar to that one, then gambling is not meant for you. The activity requires effort and attention if you wish to take things in the right direction. For this purpose, it is highly essential to understand the game. You should be able to progress ahead with the mixed knowledge of rules and instructions.

    The Limit

    You may never find a stop sign in a casino that prevents you from getting more or investing more. So by all means, you need to limit yourself. Playing according to a specific bankroll and not spending all your money into the game would be the right limit that you need to be working on. Apart from that, one should also keep a limit on the number of drinks that you consume. If you’re planning on taking the high road, then you should not gamble.

    Understand the House Edge

    Although the house edge sounds like something that you don’t like about the casino, it can create a positive impact on players. When you look into the house edge, you will realise that it varies for certain games. So when you pick the game that has the lowest house edge, you tend to raise your chances at winning. This method has been applied in the past, and various professional gamblers have deemed it to be accurate.


    If you believe that you can climb the mountain without being prepared, then you are wrong. Being prepared is an essential aspect of gambling, and you need to ensure that you are ready. For that purpose, you need to practise and make the most out of the game. After picking up the game of your choice, you should spend hours trying to figure out different aspects through the method of practising....

  • Top Ways Used by People to cheat at a Slot Machine.

    Cheaters have always been a part of the gambling industry by putting their mode of efforts into the matter. Casinos do not tolerate such forms of practices and take strict action against the same. But all that occurs, only if they find out what's happening. In the past, there have been numerous events indicating different methods where cheaters have gotten away with things. The casinos couldn't do much about the same, and these individuals managed to escape. So to gain more information about this venture, we have made a list of ways to cheat at a slot machine. We are moving ahead for the purpose of information, and we do not recommend you trying out the same at a casino.

    1. Shaved Coins

    Shaved coins were once considered to be an essential way to cheat at the casino. But due to technology, things have changed. Slot machines now use a light sensor, unlike the previous models. The optic sensor and physical comparator work separately, thus making matters hard. So when you slide such coins inside, they tend to get rejected.

    2. Fake Coins

    Famous con artist Louis "The Coin" Colavecchio was the man who used to give casinos a run for their money by using fake coins. This worked well for a few years until he was caught in 1998. After his release, he went to the same old ways of cheating and thus, was caught again.

    3. Cheat Code

    Cheating by using a cheat code was the famous trick of Ronald Dale Harris. He knew how to manipulate slot machines and went on to do the same thing for quite some time. Since he understood and analysed the source code, aspects became a lot clear for his victory. But ultimately the big scam was discovered after people became suspicious over the triumph of his partner who won $100,000 on a Keno game.

    4. Yo-Yo

    Yes, that's right. There is a source of cheating called Yo-Yo, and it is quite simple. People used to attach a string to the coin and send it in to the machine until it starts the game. After that, the player brings the coin back using the same string. If you believe it to be effective, then you have no idea about how technology has changed things for the better.

    5. Magnet

    It was possible to cheat and win at the older slot machines by using a magnet. Individuals used to spin the reel and then use a strong magnet to stop spinning when the winning combination came into light. After that, they could remove the magnet and claim their payout. But this technique will crumble and fall when you use it for new slot machines....

  • The Best Tips to Beat Odds at a Casino

    People have always been on the lookout for various ways and methods that will help them to beat the odds. Although numerous strategies have come out on the topic, nothing has managed to make ends meet. Individuals tend to struggle with the outcome and leave the casino after losing money. So to put an end to this sad sight, we have brought in some tips. Yes, that’s right. These tips have brought about positive results, and thus, you can be sure of making a mark at the casino.

    1. Avoid the Lights

    Casinos are draped and covered with all kinds of lights, causing a bit of distraction. You might not be able to concentrate on the game and understand your opponent’s card if these problems continue. So always pick a spot that is free from all kinds of flashy lights and other aspects. In this manner, you tend to carry the game forward in a more reliable fashion.

    2. Know When to Call It Off

    There are a whole bunch of reasons for you to stop playing the game. But you need to realise the same, and it cannot be told to you. Going after the option of doubling, again and again, might not be considered as a great option. When the right bets have aligned, you will get an idea about the way to go forward. Hence, keep this in mind and remember to quit when it is time.

    3. Games with Low House Edge

    Playing games that are quite impossible and more advantages for the casino tend to formulate a bad idea. Moving forward for the same will leave you in a lot of debt since you are not able to understand the game. So think about the house edge and look for ones that have a very low share. These games are the ideal ones that will help you move ahead for the prize.

    4. A High Amount

    Betting on games that let you go the farthest distance are the ones that you need to aim for. Games that have managed to be profitable are the ones that one should be betting on or playing. Even professional gamblers have applauded this move. So make sure to develop a sense of interest towards such games. 

    5. Practise

    Regardless of whatever strategy or method that you are going to implement, nothing will make sense without practice. Spending some good amount of time on games by understanding them and analysing the main aim, you will be able to soar to new heights. An in-depth approach towards the game can be brought into the matter, and you will be glad about the outcome....

  • The Legal Status of Online Gambling in New Zealand

    Gambling laws in New Zealand are often considered to be tricky. Online gambling comes with a set of rules that might seem a tad challenging to make sense of at first, while land-based casinos also have a different way of functioning. But the topic that we are about to discuss today is online gambling and the legal status that it has in the country. The information provided here will hopefully see to it that you can make wise choices regarding choosing the right websites for online gambling when you are in New Zealand.

    The Nature of Online Gambling in New Zealand:

    Now that we have laid the groundwork for the nature of online gambling in New Zealand, it is time to delve deeper into the topic. Online gambling in New Zealand has a peculiar nature. You can only sign-up to any of the online gambling sites as long as the moderators of the online casinos do not operate on the grounds of the country. This is considered illegal, but that is not a reason for you to worry. The laws in New Zealand concerning online gambling do not restrict people from gambling on sites that have their moderators based outside the confines of the country. Therefore, you can very well sign-up to one of the many international sites and go on with your gambling endeavours.

    Locally-Licensed Online Gambling Sites in New Zealand:

    You must know that the activities concerning online gambling are covered by the Gambling Act of 2003. According to the act, there cannot be any online casino operating on the soils of the country with a moderator who belongs to the country. Therefore, keeping in tandem with what we have mentioned in the earlier point, it is important to understand that there are no locally-licensed online gambling sites in New Zealand. Doing so would be against the law and thus, might have several repercussions.

    Things to Keep in Mind While Picking the Right Online Gambling Sites:

    Since New Zealand does not approve of locally-licensed online casinos, it might be a tad difficult to find a guide or a manual that talk about the right ways of picking out the right sites. But if you must know, understand that the most essential thing that you must do while picking out sites is to go for international gambling sites. You shall have no legal complications this way and can play the casino games to your heart’s content.


    Online gambling might not sound that easy when you are in New Zealand. But if you are determined enough and want to indulge in some of your favourite games, make sure that you choose the right sites and avoid falling in unnecessary legal traps....

  • Pokies and Slots

    The aspects revolving around pokies have always been quite strange to understand and analyse. But the main reason for the same stands to point towards false facts and misinterpretation. People are filled with such points that the real meaning has lost its importance. So as a move to bring back facts and other credible pieces of information, we have decided to step in. Pushing forward the meaning and the main aspects between Pokies and Slots with the hope to make a difference. Hence, here's all that we promised.

    A Pokie

    In countries like Australia and New Zealand, a pokie generally means a slot machine. Yes, that's right. So it is not a term used to describe a body part or clothing, instead it stands to represent a slot machine. As far as its origin is concerned, people have very less information about the same. Why exactly did Australians coin this term is a question that many don't seem to understand. Some people believe that it came into prominence from poker machines. The 'pok' in the machine might have given off that particular signal and saying "Poker Machine" takes time. There is nothing to be surprised in this matter since most of the gambling games tend to have different slang.

    Pokies and Slots

    People who have gone in search of the difference between pokies and slots tend to have come back empty-handed. That is because there is no difference except for the term. Individuals in Australia and New Zealand call it Pokie and the rest of the world calls it slots. That being said, we can look into the aspects of pronunciation. The fun way of informing someone that you are going to gamble will be to say Pokie than slots. There is no doubt about the same since slots give it all away. Although the term "pokie' wouldn't have come into the picture without slots, the former sounds and feels better.

    Different Slangs Around the World

    As mentioned earlier, there are various other slangs for slot machines as you move across the world. It is not the Australians alone who have brought terms like this into existence. So to shed more light on such facts, here are some slang terms used to refer to gambling machines from all over the world.
    1. Fruit Machines - slots are often called "fruit machines" in England. Since the original icons were fruits, people began to use the terms to describe the game.
    1. Puggys - moving in and around casinos in Scotland will give you the idea that slot machines are called Puggys.
    1. One-Armed Bandits - this particular term is not specific to any country; instead, it relates to the olden times where people used to use the same.

  • How you should play Online Roulette in New Zealand

    Roulette is one of those games that comes with a variety of versions. There are many options you can choose from, based on your gameplay and the country. So for that very purpose, people tend to get confused about rules and regulations. Once you judge by popularity, you will realise that people tend to go clueless when it comes to online Roulette in New Zealand. So if you are one of them, then we have come forward to help you out. Hence, here's how you should play online Roulette in New Zealand.

    An Online Casino

    Before deciding to play online Roulette, you need to think about the platforms. There are various online casinos out there in the market that tend to put forward a bunch of offers. Keeping in mind validity and credibility, you should move forward. This is what comprises the task of choosing an online casino. It is an important move, and everyone needs to be on the lookout for the right casino. If things go wrong, then you will end up facing a massive list of problems. So think about everything before you move to fill in your payment details at an online casino.

    The Rules

    As mentioned earlier, the rules for Roulette tend to differ based on the variant or version that you have chosen—so keeping all that in mind, here's how it's done for New Zealand. 
    1. Betting Limit - the game tends to begin when an individual chooses a betting limit. This format is quite similar for all variants, and people need to go through the same. At this point, one should also keep their bankroll management in mind. By all means, you shouldn't go all out thinking that you will win.
    1. Chips - soon after deciding upon the betting limit, you need to start placing your chips on the table. Be it offline or online Roulette, this move stands to be visible. So make sure to follow them.
    1. The Wheel Spins - once the wheel has received the right kind of information like betting, it begins the process of spinning. It starts to go around a bunch of options, and your luck stands to be tested.
    1. The Wheel Stops - you clearly know what will happen when the wheel stops. Either you or your opponents will be rewarded for the kind of bets that they have placed. If you're the winner, then you can move on with your winning or invest more into the game. These standard rules come up for most of the varieties with slight exceptions like "split bet" and betting on different colours. Hence, remember these rules before you go to play Roulette.